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Choosing Vaugier Patrimoine to organize and optimize your assets means choosing tailor-made solutions within a long-term trusted relationship.

Vaugier Patrimoine: a different approach to asset management

Whether you want to create, manage, develop, and transmit your private or professional assets while optimizing their legal and fiscal organization and identifying relevant financial and real estate investment opportunities.

With a wealth management advisor from Vaugier Patrimoine, you:

  • conduct a thorough analysis of your personal and professional situation as well as your needs,
  • define your investor profile, including your risk appetite,
  • evelop a coherent strategy that suits you within a legal and fiscal framework validated by your advisors (notary, accountant, tax lawyer).

Vaugier Patrimoine in Geneva and Luxembourg

Geographically close to you and attentive to your needs, your wealth management and asset organization advisor accompanies you in implementing the recommended projects. They provide you with informed insights into financial and real estate markets and offer a selection of investment products for your savings (life insurance, stocks, bonds, REITs, property investment schemes, tax incentives, furnished rentals, etc.). They also assist you in preparing investment applications with qualified experts (reservation, purchase, credit, insurance, notarial deed, company status, etc.).

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Vaugier Patrimoine comprises two advisory firms in Geneva and Luxembourg.

Vaugier Patrimoine meets your needs, regardless of your profile.

You are assisted by an expert in selecting banking and financial products and making investments with no additional cost compared to a direct approach to developers or financial institutions.

Whether you want to protect your loved ones, transfer your business, financial savings, or real estate assets, grow your savings, or plan for retirement, our wealth management advisors provide expertise in financial investments, real estate investments, insurance, estate planning, and taxation.

Our approach

Understanding your needs

The initial completely free meetings allow us to get to know each other, discover your needs and issues. We collect your family, professional, and asset-related data to ensure a thorough understanding of your situation.

Preparing your assessment and wealth strategy

They result from the in-depth analysis of the data you have shared with us, as well as the identification of issues and optimization opportunities related to your situation. This leads us to present you with wealth choices available to you and provide tailored recommendations.

Calculation of financial simulations

Together, we define your investor profile and risk appetite, and thus determine the investment vehicles that best suit you. We calculate comprehensive financial simulations based on the recommended strategies.

Implementation of jointly validated solutions

We remain by your side to select and carry out investments and/or establish the recommended legal structures. We also provide ongoing monitoring of your financial investments while continuing to manage your overall wealth situation if you wish.

To develop a genuine relationship of trust and ensure the smooth operation of our cooperation, the described steps involve the number of exchanges and meetings that you deem necessary. We are available to provide wealth management advice and answer all your questions to ensure your complete understanding throughout the entire process.

Our approach

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